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ResiDesk Insights

Take Control of your Entire Portfolio at a glance


Keep a watchful eye on every community 24/7

Real-time Portfolio Monitoring at Scale

You are constantly scanning to understand the risk and opportunities in your portfolio, but your current methods of finding clues about what's going on are unscalable, tedious and time consuming.

ResiDesk Insights is the only way for residential property owners to monitor your entire portfolio’s tenant turnover risk at a glance, while also identifying upside potential.


Simplify Residential Portfolio Monitoring

Everything, all the time

Surface risks and opportunities across your entire residential portfolio automatically - in real-time

Sifting through online reviews, secret shopping, and reading reports takes too much time - time you could spend growing your portfolio with more deals, or on other pursuits. 

With the Insights dashboard you can:

  • See real data on community trends as they happen, not weekly or monthly reports
  • Prevent 70% of serious issues by acting fast
  • Reduce turnover - typically as much as 10% of your budget
  • Improve tenant satisfaction by 32% in as little as 90 days

Feature Highlights for Insights Active Dashboard

Top 10 List

Highest and lowest risk communities,
with drill down capability to understand the exact challenges


Trend line reporting

Observe lead indicators like response times, tenant satisfaction, and number of messages required to close requests or inquiries over time.


ResiDesk Satisfaction Score

Our proprietary algorithm gives you a real-time look at how your communities feel



Activity Dashboard

See at a glance the most active communities, and a summary of vacancies and pending lease end dates

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