The communication hub for residential real estate

Combine tenant, prospect, teammate and external communication into one single view

With ResiDesk, your teams can prioritize their most important prospects and tenants, collaborate to solve their questions, and respond faster than their competitors

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One Simple Plan

Zero complexity, zero hidden fees


Per unit / month

98% Open Rate

60X Better read and response VS. Email

80% of consumers prefer text

ResiDesk integrates with your property management software and Outlook

Reach Tenants Faster

Still waiting on a reply from email? Expedite every conversation with ResiDesk. Whether it's an announcement or a conversation, ResiDesk accelerates communication from days or hours to minutes.

98% Open Rate

60x Better read and response VS. Email

Collaborate better with your team

Individual inboxes slow teams’ work and responsiveness. ResiDesk’s shared inbox allows anyone on your team to take action immediately.

Improve tenant retention

Speed and convenience are the two most important elements of customer service for consumers today. ResiDesk is invisible and seamless for tenants, providing the fastest service delivered right to their text.

80% Of consumers say speed and convenience are the most important elements of good customer service

68% Of renters leave because of bad customer service

Transform Your Communications with ResiDesk

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